CPECC Nacap Project

CPECC Nacap are supporting Arrow Energy’s requirement to expand its assets in the Surat and Bowen Basins and provide critical infrastructure to meet East Coast gas demand.

Client: CPECC Nacap

Location: Surat Gas Project

Industry: Coal Seam Gas Industry

Services: Fabrication

Value: <= $300k

The challenge

Our initial introduction was through word of mouth in the marketplace with CPECC Nacap’s procurement team. With a reputation for a commitment to quality shared by both organisations, a senior team member encouraged the development of work between the companies.

There are several challenges in the industry:

  • Complexity in fabrication from engineering drawings, ensuring function from design
  • Strict qualifications required for welders who are constantly tested through visual, magnetic particle, radiography and hardness parameters
  • Requirement for 100% visual inspection by third party inspection companies
  • Sourcing approved materials for fabrication and testing as per client specifications

In addition to the actual fabrication, a large part of supplying these fabricated components is also producing comprehensive MDR (Manufacturers Data Report) documentation to guarantee Quality Assurance (QA) and material traceability. This includes extensive reporting such as certificates of compliance, inspection & testing plans, material certificates, weld logs, weld maps, component dimensionals, NDT & hardness reports, hydrotesting reports, coating inspection reports, welder qualifications, NDT technician qualification, holiday inspection reports & calibration certificates.

The solution

At CS GAS our team welcome customers with open arms. This approach has led to building great working relationships and trust. To kick off the partnership CPECC Nacap conducted a full audit of our workshop, onsite hydro testing bay and documentation process and now visit us regularly to view project progress as well as witness hydro testing inspections on their equipment.

CS GAS has fabricated transition risers, blind bleed flanges, pump inlet & water take off skids for CPECC Nacap over several projects, fully hydrotested, NDT and documented.

The outcome

Repeat business generally speaks for itself, though the strength of the relationship has certainly been built on open communication channels. Both parties enjoy the open book process and the opportunity to work together.

CPECC Nacap’s customer has very strict deadlines and tight customer specifications, the rigour of our processes and commitment to testing, safety and documentation has ensured ongoing success for both businesses.

From our first project with them outlined in this case study we have developed a great partnership and CS GAS are now one CPECC Nacap’s most trusted fabrication partners.

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